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Pink Unicorn Chest Float with Tail

Pink Unicorn Chest Float with Tail

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Product Name - Unicorn (Pink)

Age Range - 3 Months to 2 Years Old

Weight limits - 6 to 18 Kilograms

Canopy - Spring back

Material - Woven

Stabilising Tail - Yes

A beautifully designed chest float by Mambobaby is for those that have a love for the water. This fun chest float is for the princess in all of us with the cute pink Unicorn chest float and is perfect float for the little one in your life. 

You will have peace of mind knowing your little one is safe in the water this summer.

Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort & safety. 

All the Chest Floats in the Mambobaby range allows your baby to be placed on their back whilst still young. The thick padded sling gives the baby a snuggling feeling as the padded velcro band snuggles around their little bodies. The adjustable 5-point harness supports the little one’s lower body and prevents any chance of sliding out. As your little one grows, they can be turned around and placed on their belly at a 45-degree angle to promote kicking and paddling, getting ready to swim.

Anti-flip Design

The Pink Unicorn has wide sides for maximum buoyancy and the font of the float is heightened to avoid tipping over which doubles as a cushion for baby to rest their head on. The detachable tail is great when little ones are learning to engaging their tummy muscles and is attached to prevent accidental tipping which doubles as a foot rest.

UV 50+ Spring Canopy

The Pink Unicorn chest float comes with a UV 50+ spring canopy to protect your baby's sensitive skin from the harsh Australian sun. The canopy is easily attached to the float using the loops sewn onto the sides of the float allowing the canopy to be placed either way depending on the position of your child. The canopy has mesh sides for easy visibility and airflow.

Solid Construction and Material

The pink Unicorn is a solid construction, that is non-inflatable allowing for peace of mind from punctures or deflation. The material is made from an environmentally friendly, high quality Pearl closed cell foam on the inside, which ensures a quick-drying and lightweight design. The outer layer is a soft permeable woven material, that is BPA free. The cover is easily removed for cleaning.


Please remember that floats do not protect against drowning, the best protection a child can have is you. Please make sure your child / baby has constant adult supervision in or near water

Although the Pink Unicorn Chest Float is safe for baby, please never leave you baby or child unattended in or near water.

Care Instruction

1) Always rinse the float after use to remove all chemicals, salts, minerals or any other un known that may discolour your float.

 2) Hand wash with mild detergent and rinse well, do not scrub or brush the material.

3) Place the float in a cool, shaded and well ventilated area after use to dry, store appropriately once dried.

4) Keep away from fire, high temperature, and sharp objects to avoid damage.

5) Do not leave in direct sun light for extended periods of time.


Soft leather like material

Shipping & Returns

We use Australia Post for all our postage needs. All our floats c ome with a 12 month manufacturers warrenty.


50cm X 55cm X 20cm

weight of float 880grams

Care Instructions

1)  Always rinse the float after use to remove all
chlorine, salts, minerals, or any other chemical that may discolour your float.

2)  Hand wash with mild detergent and rinse well, do not
scrub or brush.

3)  Place the float in a cool, shaded, and ventilated area
after use to dry and store appropriately once dried.

4)  Keep away from fire, high temperature, and sharp
objects to avoid any damage.

5)  Do not leave in direct sun light for extended periods
of time.

My Baby Bubble Spa has been using Mambobaby Australia floats for
over 4 years. Our floats are still as good as they were the day we opened. Our
floats are washed in Disinfectant and rinsed thoroughly after each use. We have
minimal discoloration after the 3 years of use.

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Voted number 1 float by parents worldwide.

Mambobaby are dedicated to the safety, comfort and quality of all the floats in the range.

  • Range of Floats

    Choose between :-

    Chest float for little ones 2 months up to 2 years,

    2 in 1 chest float for littles ones 2 months up to 4 years

    Underarm Float for little ones 9 months up to 4 years.

    With so many to choose from, you will fall in love with one today.

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